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Buy Credits & download products of your choice at ~ 5 Credits at $13 each for $65.00,every 10 credit you buy ~ Bonus credits will be added~ Get what you want when you want. SEE BELOW FOR INSTRUCTIONS

Product Description

Here is who it works: Buy your desired number of Credits, minimum 5, please enter in quantity at checkout. You get username and password and you have the ability to download whatever product you desire at Buy 10, get 11, buy 20, get 22, buy 30, get 33 and so on.

1) credits are purchased via mminimum of 5. It’s OK for someone to have credits AND a subscription — the Report subscription will take precedence over redeeming credits when they go to download.

2) When a user logs in, they can see their balance on the home page.

3) On the downloads page, if a user already has a valid subscription, they will just see the Download links. If a user does not have a valid subscription, they will see the Credit-cost below the button.

4)Certain days like Breeders Cup will have a different credit value for BC will 4 or 5 credits, Kentucky Derby day same, but the # of credits needed will be listed on reports

5) If a user has no credits, they will get an error message up top and asked to purchase a package or more credits

5) If a user has credits but cannot download a certain file because they need more, they get a warning page.

6) Otherwise, if all is good, they are asked to confirm their download first, then it is given to them and the number of credits are deducted from their account balance. The activity log also shows if they used a credit to purchase a file.

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