Website development for the horse racing community...

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Whether you interpret the W logo to stand for Website, Wizard, or WordPress, the coverage is synonymous, and if you happen to be in the open market for a polishing upgrade — or a full website formation from scratch — then I might have the mechanical chops to assist.

The legendary “Billy the Greek” has been extremely gracious in his endorsement of my services:

  • Relatively skillful with basic-to-advanced coding applications (html, css)
  • Labor rate is quite reasonable
  • Willing to modify, upgrade, and refine your existing website platform
  • Open to a complete website build, from the ground floor

…and though competent with various website-building environments (including drag and drop suites such as Wix), I would prefer to create from the WordPress foundation — thus giving you, without the need for advanced computer saviness, greater editing control over your content information.